All fees are due in advance and regardless of attendance. Fees are as follows:

Waiting list (if needed)            $25.00   
Registration                            $35.00   
Family registration                  $50.00

All Fees are non refundable

Infant and Toddler   
Federal Employees    Full time     $238.00/week       
Public Employees      Full time     $255.00/week

2 year old
Federal employees    Full time     $196.00/week
Public Employees     Full time     $211.00/week

3, 4, and 5 year olds
Federal Employees     Full time     $189.00/week
            Part time     $ 127.50./week
            Daily rate     $ 44.00/a day   
Public Employees    Full time     $195.00/week   
            Part time     $138.50/week   
            Daily rate     $ 45.00/a day