A statement of Philosophy and Goals

We feel the following goals are essential for a quality early childhood program that builds a sound foundation.

  1. Make each child's school experience a positive one.
  2. Encourage positive feelings about self, the school, and the environment.
  3. Provide opportunities for thinking at all levels:  recall, application, analysis, synthesis, and evaluation of knowledge.
  4. Stimulate each child's thought processes to bring greater understanding, awareness, and curiosity.
  5. Provide an environment and activities that promote optimal physical development.
  6. Provide a classroom and program that can meet the needs of each individual child.
  7. Encourage sharing and cooperation.
  8. Encourage each child to play and work well independently and in groups.
  9. Provide opportunities for self-expression for each child through language, dramatics, art, music, and play.
  10. Increase each child's attention span.
  11. Help each child to recognize the rights, feelings, and property of others.
  12. Aid each child to adapt to new situations.
  13. Encourage each child to solve problems independently.
  14. Foster each child's appreciation for language in many different forms.
  15. Introduce the use and need for numbers in daily life.
  16. Develop the ability to think logically and make associations.
  17. Introduce the concepts of time and order.
  18. Increase each child's awareness of the relationship of his or her body and other objects to space.
  19. Foster awareness of the environment, our responsibility to it, and the  changes that can occur in it.
  20. Encourage independence in tending to personal needs.
  21. Give each child an awareness of the local community and other communities near and far.